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Mindfulness and Motherhood

Motherhood is among the most important and challenging of life’s experiences and mindfulness resides at the core of what makes for an effective parent and also what naturally flows out of motherhood.

We all know moments when things seem to happen effortlessly, and our natural talents and passions flow as if from a place deeper than ourselves. When this happens amid our relationship to our child-- whether when waking up in the early morning to nurse, helping late in the evening with homework, or offering soothing words when a teenage crush turns painful, we find ourselves immersed in the moment.

Sometimes these states of awareness and presence simply arise and we share in the joy of the moment.  Sometimes it is a struggle and we look for ways to respond with a wisdom and compassion that feels elusive. 

Mindfulness practices offer an approach to both embrace the natural flow of parenthood so that we deepen our capacity to be present in a way that feels effortless, and also a practice that can help us to find center in the midst of a challenge that can feel overwhelming at times.

The Mindful Mother website is a part of the family of mindfulness websites and services developed by the Institute for Mindfulness Studies.  We hope you find the material offered to be helpful to you as you experience the joys of parenthood and of living life.

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The Mindful Mom Memo

“One-Minute Mindful Moment”

Mindful parenting can be a contemplative practice you engages in solo -- in the quiet (or not so quiet) of your home or workspace, in a chair, walking, lying down, or on the cushion. Sometimes the practice is brought into the family setting, and this too can take many forms. . . .  Click here read more.